It is in sézigue that we recognize a mac. Macos is the operating system that makes the heart of every mac beat. It makes it possible to realize this man that would be impossible on other computers.


Because it is made for the hardware that hosts it, and the opposite is also noticeable. Macos integrates an assortment of high-performance apps, all developed with the utmost care. It also works perfectly with icloud to ensure that your photos, documents and other content are synchronized on all your devices.

Thanks to it, your mac gets along perfectly with your iphone and other apple devices. And security and privacy are at the heart of its design.

We find these operating systems on smartphones: symbian os from nokia, ios from apple, blackberry os from rim, windows phone from microsoft, palm webos, android from google, bada from samsung. Android, bada, firefox os, maemo, tizen and webos are made on a linux kernel; on the other hand the operating system of iphones is derived from bsd and nextstep which are both linked to unix. The two main systems in 2019 are android and ios.

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Two other systems have had their developments stopped and only security updates will be provided until the end of 2019; these are windows 10 mobile and blackberry os.


For other systems, development is stopped or abandoned if there is no possibility of growth or sufficiently large market shares. 3 the manufacturer will gradually offer development tools that will enable applications to be created that are compatible on both operating systems. Apple would pave the way for possible macs under arm processor. Apple assures that there will be no merger between macos and ios, but the manufacturer is working deliriously intimately on both platforms.

The mazripan project wants to simplify the porting of a mobile app on macos in 2018, during its conference reserved for developers (wwdc), the manufacturer came to show tools to use the uikit framework, the software infrastructure reserved for ios, to port mobile applications on macs. Apple has used uikit to design several software applications such as dictaphone or purse, but has not provided the development tools to third party publishers.

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